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What are the Best Carbs for Weight Loss?

A lot of people think that you need to cut out all carbs to lose weight. That’s really not a good idea! Your body NEEDS carbs to thrive, to get through your workouts, and to

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Core De Force is Coming!

  A brand new workout program is launching at the end of the month--and it looks AMAZING!!!!!   I got to try out the sneak peek of the program a few weeks ago, and

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My Week 1 P90X Results!

I'm just finishing up week 1 of P90X! P90X is the first home workout program I've ever done--I did the program 5 years ago when I was getting ready for our wedding! I got STRONGER

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Join our Free 7 Day Sugar Detox!

It's been an INSANE couple of family came to visit us in France for the past two weeks, we spent a week in the south of france and then a week by our house!

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A Bigger Purpose Transformation: Karina Betancourt

Our team, A Bigger Purpose rocks =) We have SO MANY success stories!!! Today, for #WCW, I want to highlight my coach Karina!!! Here's her story =)  "I see this and I just can't believe

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Life in France…getting my Carte de Séjour!

Such a fun day in France 🇫🇷🎉 I had my medical appointments downtown to get my carte de séjour, so I got to hang out and do some people watching while drinking French cappuccino, shopped,

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Reverse Progress and Starting P90X!

This is what I like to call reverse progress 😂😂😬😬🙈🙈 seriously though--this is NOT easy for me to share!! In 2014, I was in freaking awesome shape. I'd just lost 80 pounds after TJ was

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14 On the Go Meal Ideas

A lot of times when people get started on a weight loss journey, they tell me that they don’t know what to EAT!    I know eating healthy can seem super time consuming—but it doesn’t

By | September 7th, 2016|Categories: Breakfast, Dinner, Nutrition, Recipes|Tags: |0 Comments
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My Weight Loss Transformation
Transformation Video
"Found Rachel through a Facebook posting. Has been a very valuable finding in my weight loss journey. Rachel has been very hands on and supportive every step of the way. The private Facebook groups that she facilitates as well as her public page have been instrumental in giving me meal ideas, workout ideas and most importantly MOTIVATION! Rachel is detail oriented, knowledgeable and always available. Highly recommend Rachel to help you on your weight loss journey."
"I’ve really enjoyed myself. I joined the group to get health­ier by eat­ing bet­ter and exer­cis­ing. The first month I did was a lot of work but it paid off. I lost the 10lbs. I wanted to AND I’ve been mak­ing MUCH bet­ter eat­ing choices. I can hon­estly say my energy level is a lot higher and I feel so much bet­ter since doing this chal­lenge. My favorite part about this group is know­ing we are on the same healthy lifestyle jour­ney and sup­port­ing each other through it."
"I have lost 25 pounds since I started (really started) with Rachel. I am so deeply grate­ful for all of the sup­port and and encour­age­ment I have received. I am almost halfway to my goal!"
"I’ve weighted in and mea­sured!! I’m happy to say that I am down 10lbs (253.5) and a total of 15″ since Sep­tem­ber 1st!!! Thank you all for all of the encouragement…I couldn’t have done this with out all of this support!"
"I lost 3 pounds and 2 inches from my hips, and half an inch from each arm. I am ready to really kick butt in Octo­ber. I know I can do this now, and i know it works. So excited!"
"Thank you for all your sup­port and inspi­ra­tion along my jour­ney to get­ting healthy again! You are a won­der­ful per­son and a great friend!"
"Did turbo fire for 6 weeks lost 10lbs!! Woop woop Just com­pleted Day 1 of P90X! Then P90X2 to fin­ish the year off!"
"I have com­pleted 3 months of Rachel’s chal­lenges and feel great about myself. I was REALLY unhappy with how I looked and felt. My stom­ach was the “hated” area. Well.…here I am 4 months later! I lost 12 lbs and have been able to keep it off by eat­ing bet­ter and exer­cise. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Rachel and the ladies in the group. Every­one on here has been won­der­ful. I wish you ladies the best of luck and I KNOW you will be able to accom­plish any­thing you put your mind to."
"Thank u girls for all ur account­abil­ity and thank u so much Rachel for putting this together and let­ting me be a part of it!! I know now that I can com­mit to some­thing and stick with it!! This has really helped me change my eat­ing habits and lifestyle!!"
"This chal­lenge is DEFINITELY help­ing improve my self con­trol!!! This chal­lenge has def­i­nitely changed the way i think about my diet and what i put into my body. I dont wanna ruin all my hard work!!! Even though it’s fat tues­day i have no desire to pig out ))"
"Yay!! I fit into a size smaller jeans!!!"
Michelle M.
"Fin­ished Shake­ol­ogy ear­lier today and now I’m bout to push play for plyo. I’m already notic­ing huge changes in my body and I’m lov­ing it!! I feel a lot stronger and notice that i’m less sore every time I work out… Crazy!"
"My jeans are so much eas­ier to get on I may have to get a new size!!!"
"I think my biggest strug­gle is keep­ing on track dur­ing the week. With my long work hours and adding to that my shoul­der injury and hav­ing to go to ther­apy before work, I’m exhausted when I get home. Add to that the temp­ta­tions of all the Hol­i­day fes­tiv­i­ties! This has surely been a chal­lenge, but what a great time of year to do a chal­lenge. Most peo­ple gain 5–10 pounds between Thanks­giv­ing and Christ­mas and I lost it!!!! You girls have helped me stay on track dur­ing this crazy time. I think my results could have been bet­ter, but with all the hol­i­day crazi­ness and my shoul­der injury, I would have had NO moti­va­tion with­out this chal­lenge. I find myself at work turn­ing down treats all of the time that I would nor­mally not think twice about eat­ing. So hav­ing an account­abil­ity group has been awe­some and i will def­i­nitely do one again!!!"
"It’s help me stay moti­vated even with my busy sched­ule. I would def­i­nitely do it again! And want to! I passed the pen­cil test!!! Yayess!"
"I think my men­tal­ity that ‘I can do this!’ has grown!! I’m not sure if its down to the shake­ol­ogy or the­work­outs? But my Body fat per­cent­age is down by 5% already Woo!
! My day 28 mea­sure­ments Chest –4 inches ( ) Waist –4 inches Hips –3 inches R.Thigh –1.5 inches L.Thigh –2 inches R.Arm –1.5 inches L. Arm –1 inch TOTAL = 17 inches!!!!!!! Weight –5 LBS )"
"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your moti­va­tion and sup­port in our chal­lenge group over the last 30 days! Being account­able kept me focused when my kids were wav­ing cookie infront of my nose, and intro­duc­ing me to shake­ol­ogy made me not want one any­way!! If any­body needs con­vinc­ing whether or not to join a chal­lenge group, the fact I lost 17 inches and 4 lbs in such a short time, shows how valu­able team sup­port is! I’m start­ing P90x tomor­row, so thats me sorted for the next 90 days. But keep me informed of any other chal­lenge groups that you will be start­ing up in the spring, because you can count me in."
"Story: I love The Lim­ited. It’s my favorite store. And at any one time, I have my eye on 3 or 4 items, wait­ing for them to make the move to the sale rack. So yes­ter­day I had some seri­ous coupon action and decided to go splurge. Every. Sin­gle. Item. I had to buy down a size from when I tried them on a month ago. I even bought my favorite jeans (which I was wear­ing to shop in) down two sizes. I haven’t had a con­sis­tent drop when I look at the scale, but it’s very obvi­ous that my composition/shape is being changed!!! I’m super happy. Love you! Thank you for sug­gest­ing I try it!!!"
"Woot woot! Report­ing 6 more pounds gone for­ever!!! Total of 12 in 8 weeks! Wow! i just had my shake­ol­ogy sam­ple you sent me and this is delicious!!!"
"Hav­ing had the oppor­tu­nity to work directly with Rachel, I see that she has grown into an amaz­ing coach, with a tremen­dous heart for peo­ple, and pas­sion to help those whom she comes in con­tactwith to meet their health and fit­ness goals. I would always rec­om­mend her as some­one to work with."
Patti Mulry
"Rachel Ngom is an inspir­ing and com­mit­ted woman. Her pos­i­tive energy and heart to help oth­ers toward health, well­ness and love drive me to try to be bet­ter. I look for­ward to the ways that she will change the world."
Stephanie Lievano
"Rachel has been extremely sup­port­ive, infor­ma­tive, and help­ful as my and coach. She pos­sesses great lead­er­ship skills!"
Mindy Col­lette
"Rachel’s lead­er­ship skills, team spirit and energy are a breath of fresh air in these dif­fi­cult times. I am con­vinced she can spin the whole world around. I rec­om­mend Rachel for indi­vid­u­als and com­pa­nies who are look­ing for way to help improve their health and wellness."
Carol Levine
"Rachel has a pos­i­tive atti­tude and is always will­ing to help. I highly rec­om­mend her."
Kendra Baker
"Rachel is a very pos­i­tive and moti­vat­ing per­son. She gives of her time freely to help others."
Kerry Enos

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