[fusion_text]Ahhhh so I guess it’s official! I’m in the new 21 day fix infomercial! I did 21 day fix last February when it was first released and I had some great results with the program…


21 day fix results

The people who work at Success Stories at Beachbody loved my results and asked me to submit video footage and more info for them…then when I was in Vegas for Summit they asked me to meet with the producers and actually film for the infomercial. It was pretty surreal, I got my hair and makeup done and they dressed me up all fancy =) 

Here is some screen shots from the 21 day fix infomercial…I seriously had a blast doing all of it =) 

21 day fix infomercial pic

UPDATE: Someone was kind enough to record the infomercial and send it to me, so here is my clip! 

Oh, and since I’m OBSESSED with this program, and am now doing 21 day fix extreme, I’d love to help you get results in just 21 days =) Fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch! 

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