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Have You Been Trying To Lose The Baby Weight?

Are You Stuck, Unmotivated, Or Don’t Even Know Where To Start?

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Dear new mommy or mom who had her baby 10 years ago and STILL can’t shake those pregnancy pounds,

The ability to lose weight and KEEP it off WITHOUT spending hours in the gym and starving yourself is not as easy task. To fit back into those pre pregnancy jeans, you need to have a solid plan in place. You need to have support, accountability, a step by step blueprint of both what you need to eat to shed pounds, AND what workouts you need to do to effectively slim down.

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In 21 days, you can get all of the tools AND the confidence it takes to succeed. That’s right. I don’t want you to commit to 60 or 90 days–I just want you to commit to 21 days. 21 days and you will see radical changes happening in your body!

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Those who follow my recipe for success and finish my Lose the Baby Weight group get the BEST results!


At 6 months postpartum, I had finally had enough of my body and wanted my old body back. After following Rachel for many months & seeing her talk about her “lose the baby weight” group many times, I finally decided I had to do something to feel better about myself and get in shape. I decided to commit myself 100%. Within the first 30 days of following T25, drinking Shakeology & being in Rachel’s Challenge group, I lost 7 lbs and 3.5 inches & was finally getting closer to my pre-baby body.

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Spring of this year I was tired of the dreaded muffin top and my clothes fitting tight. I had put on 12 lbs. over the winter months and I was motivated and determined to lose the weight the right way. No crazy diets or starving myself. I wanted to eat healthy and exercise daily. I joined Rachel’s 30 Day Challenge, exercised daily (P90X), had my Shakeology and made healthier eating choices. I lost a total of 18 lbs. over 3 months and have kept it off. I have never felt more energized and happy about myself. Best part: I still eat the things I love, chocolate being # 1, and don’t feel guilty about it.

I had my beautiful daughter in July 2012. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I followed my eating plan, exercised! I felt great even at 39 weeks pregnant. I only gained 12 pounds the whole pregnancy! Then Lily came along. Life with a newborn left no time for watching my carbs and exercise. So I watched the weight pack on. Fast forward to Christmas Eve of last year. Blood work shows I’m at risk for diabetes. What?? I had no idea!! The doctor gave me a gentle warning! I took this very seriously. I always wanted to do something with health and fitness, so I reached out to Rachel Ngom. She and Beachbody have truly helped me turn it around for good! In 30 days of P90X3 and Shakeology® I’ve lost 9 pounds and several inches. Even my hubby drinks shakeology daily! So here I am and I hope I can help others on their journey as well!

I’ve always struggled with my weight and IBS/digestive issues and have likely participated in every bad habit you can think of when it comes to weight loss or weight gain. In the last 5 years I’ve slowly discovered the right way to fuel my body to feel better and I started losing weight successfully!! After having my little man, I got lost in the world of being a new mom and my prior efforts went out the window and I started feeling lost.This group has made such a difference for me in knowing in not alone and keeping me accountable for my efforts! I’ve lost 7lbs and 14inches in 60 days!!!!! 

Here’s a pic of my total transformation so far =) I couldn’t feel any happier, healthier and more confident! But I will because I’m still going strong on reaching my goals!!!

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More Results! 

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