I hear far too often from people that, “I can’t do that.” or, “I’m just not motivated enough.” or, “I can’t do what you do, Rachel.”
I want to tell you that those words that you are speaking out of your mouth are limiting you!!


If you tell yourself over and over again that you lack motivation to do something, guess what! You’re going to struggle with motivation!


If you tell yourself that you just can’t lose the weight because it’s too hard, then guess what! You will NOT lose the weight—no matter how hard you try.


Our WORDS are very powerful. Choose what you speak over yourself very carefully, and always choose to speak LIFE!


You can do ANYTHING that you believe you can do. If you set limiting goals, you’re going to hit those small goals. If you set BIG goals, you ARE going to hit those big goals!

So let’s change things up a bit. Instead of saying:
* I can’t do that —> I’m working hard on getting it done!
* I’m just not motivated enough —> I have all of the motivation I need to achieve my goals!
* I just can’t lose the weight —> I’m working hard and I will be at my goal of _____lbs by December 2014 (set a date!)

You will NEVER hear me say that something is too hard, or that I can’t do something. Learning to speak French was hard, yes! But I told myself that I was getting better every single day. Now I can speak it fluently =)


Losing 80 pounds was hard, YES! But I always told myself that I was going to get there and I was closer every single day.


How are you speaking to yourself right now? Are you lifting yourself up or are your words bringing you down? Start to create awareness over those words. Next time you catch yourself speaking negative words over yourself, change it! It’ll take time, but soon it will become a habit, and YOU will become unstoppable!


I believe in you!


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