Every year we have the ability to earn a FREE vaca with Beachbody…this year it’s Punta Cana!!!

This is my fourth FREE international trip I’ve been on as a coach!!

The rooms were GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Ocean view from our balcony!!

I stuck with champagne for the most part–I’ve learned that sugary drinks bloat me like crazy and aren’t worth it! I did have two margaritas–and let’s just say I’m never drinking tequila again lol!


I love my men!!!!


One of my fave parts of these trips is the workouts!!! They bring the super trainers to come and kick our butts! The newest super trainer and creator of the program Shift Shop (coming in July!) was AMAZING—seriously can’t wait for this program to be released!!



Not only was the vaca FREE AND all inclusive, Beachbody gave us $750 to use at the resort however we wanted! SPA DAY! The Hard Rock has one of the BEST spas I’ve EVER been to! Hubby and I both got a massage, and I got a facial too! Plus we just took advantage of the facility–it was amazing!



I love our team!!!!! How cool is it to have coworkers that inspire, encourage, and motivate you to be your best?!

I did my best to stay on track with my nutrition!


If you would have told me a few years ago that I would SMILE at seeing pics of my body after having a baby, make a full time income doing what I LOVE while traveling all over the world, being able to work from home in my yoga pants on the couch while taking breaks when I want to play with TJ, go for a bike ride, get my nails done, getting free vacations, or just explore FRANCE….

I would’ve though you’d lost your freaking mind. That kind of life doesn’t exist, right?!

That’s just it though, it is CRAZY that in 5 years… I live this life all because I took a chance on a program and superfoods in a shake. YES I was skeptical too and said NO 5 times lol!

These programs changed my life by helping me lose 80 pounds, got us OFF of food stamps, and I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime.
Just DO IT… stop over thinking it… you are blocking a blessing SO much bigger than you know!

Believe in yourself and just take the leap—I promise you it’ll be one of the BEST things you ever do in your life.



If you want to live a crazy ridiculously fun life with us, apply to join my team!


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and yes, this trip is EARNED…Beachbody doesn’t guarantee any level of success or income with the coaching opportunity =)

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