Why should you choose me to help you get in shape? Because I have proven track record of helping moms lose their baby weight.  Check out some of these testimonies, then contact me to see if you qualify to participate in my Lose the Baby Weight group.


 I’ve really enjoyed myself. I joined the group to get healthier by eating better and exercising. The first month I did was a lot of work but it paid off. I lost the 10lbs. I wanted to AND I’ve been making MUCH better eating choices. I can honestly say my energy level is a lot higher and I feel so much better since doing this challenge. My favorite part about this group is knowing we are on the same healthy lifestyle journey and supporting each other through it. 

Found Rachel through a Facebook posting. Has been a very valuable finding in my weight loss journey. Rachel has been very hands on and supportive every step of the way. The private Facebook groups that she facilitates as well as her public page have been instrumental in giving me meal ideas, workout ideas and most importantly MOTIVATION! Rachel is detail oriented, knowledgeable and always available. Highly recommend Rachel to help you on your weight loss journey.

 I have lost 25 pounds since I started (really started) with Rachel. I am so deeply grateful for all of the support and and encouragement I have received. I am almost halfway to my goal!

I’ve weighted in and measured!! I’m happy to say that I am down 10lbs (253.5) and a total of 15″ since September 1st!!! Thank you all for all of the encouragement…I couldn’t have done this with out all of this support!
I lost 3 pounds and 2 inches from my hips, and half an inch from each arm. I am ready to really kick butt in October. I know I can do this now, and i know it works. So excited!

Thank you for all your support and inspiration along my journey to getting healthy again! You are a wonderful person and a great friend!-Missy Did turbo fire for 6 weeks lost 10lbs!! Woop woop  Just completed Day 1 of P90X! Then P90X2 to finish the year off!-EbonyThank u girls for all ur accountability and thank u so much Rachel for putting this together and letting me be a part of it!! I know now that I can committ to something and stick with it!! This has really helped me change my eating habits and lifestyle!!

This challenge is DEFINITELY helping improve my self control!!! This challenge has definitely changed the way i think about my diet and what i put into my body. I dont wanna ruin all my hard work!!! Even though it’s fat tuesday i have no desire to pig out  ))
Yay!! I fit into a size smaller jeans!!! = )
-Michelle M.
Finished Shakeology earlier today and now I’m bout to push play for plyo. I’m already noticing huge changes in my body and I’m loving it!!   I feel a lot stronger and notice that i’m less sore every time I work out… Crazy!
My jeans are so much easier to get on I may have to get a new size!!!-KendraI think my biggest struggle is keeping on track during the week. With my long work hours and adding to that my shoulder injury and having to go to therapy before work, I’m exhausted when I get home. Add to that the temptations of all the Holiday festivities! This has surely been a challenge, but what a great time of year to do a challenge. Most people gain 5-10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas and I lost it!!!! You girls have helped me stay on track during this crazy time. I think my results could have been better, but with all the holiday craziness and my shoulder injury, I would have had NO motivation without this challenge. I find myself at work turning down treats all of the time that I would normally not think twice about eating. So having an accountability group has been awesome and i will definitely do one again!!!
It’s help me stay motivated even with my busy schedule. I would definitely do it again! And want to! I passed the pencil test!!! Yayess!
I think my mentality that ‘I can do this!’ has grown!! I’m not sure if its down to the shakeology or the workouts? But my Body fat percentage is down by 5% already Woo!! My day 28 measurements Chest -4 inches (  ) Waist -4 inches Hips -3 inches R.Thigh -1.5 inches L.Thigh -2 inches R.Arm -1.5 inches L. Arm -1 inch TOTAL = 17 inches!!!!!!! Weight -5 LBS  )
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your motivation and support in our challenge group over the last 30 days! Being accountable kept me focused when my kids were waving cookie infront of my nose, and introducing me to shakeology made me not want one anyway!! If anybody needs convincing whether or not to join a challenge group, the fact I lost 17 inches and 4 lbs in such a short time, shows how valuable team support is! I’m starting P90x tomorrow, so thats me sorted for the next 90 days. But keep me informed of any other challenge groups that you will be starting up in the spring, because you can count me in
Story: I love The Limited. It’s my favorite store. And at any one time, I have my eye on 3 or 4 items, waiting for them to make the move to the sale rack. So yesterday I had some serious coupon action and decided to go splurge. Every. Single. Item. I had to buy down a size from when I tried them on a month ago. I even bought my favorite jeans (which I was wearing to shop in) down two sizes. I haven’t had a consistent drop when I look at the scale, but it’s very obvious that my composition/shape is being changed!!! I’m super happy. Love you! Thank you for suggesting I try it!!!
Woot woot! Reporting 6 more pounds gone forever!!! Total of 12 in 8 weeks! Wow! i just had my shakeology sample you sent me and this is delicious!!!


Testimonies about Rachel

“Having had the opportunity to work directly with Rachel, I see that she has grown into an amazing coach, with a tremendous heart for people, and passion to help those whom she comes in contact with to meet their health and fitness goals. I would always recommend her as someone to work with.” Patti Mulry  

“Rachel is very inspiring and motivating!!! It makes this whole lifestyle change easier knowing that she is there to not only listen but support you…and understands what you are going through…:)” Mona Carriere 
“Rachel’s intelligence is unique.  She is a very bright girl with wonderful conversation skills.  Her fun-loving self exudes encouragement and her big heart can make anyone feel comfortable.  With that and more she is able to help any person, situation, or discussion advance.  This is why she stands out.” Courtney Allison 
“Rachel is my cousin and she is very motivational! She got me hooked on shakeology and beachbody programs. She is very helpful and always there if you need help. Rachel just had a baby and got right back on track with losing the baby weight and I am about to have a baby in a few weeks, so i plan to follow in Rachel’s footsteps and get right on track to losing the baby weight so I can be active and healthy for my child. Rachel is always giving advice and great tips to help you as a coach or just help you succeed in your fitness goals.” Michelle Smith 
“Rachel Ngom is an inspiring and committed woman.  Her positive energy and heart to help others toward health, wellness and love drive me to try to be better.  I look forward to the ways that she will change the world.” Stephanie Lievano
“Rachel has been extremely supportive, informative, and helpful as my and coach. She possesses great leadership skills!” Mindy Collette 
“Rachel’s leadership skills, team spirit and energy are a breath of fresh air in these difficult times. I am convinced she can spin the whole world around. I recommend Rachel for individuals and companies who are looking for way to help improve their health and wellness.” Carol Levine 
“Rachel has a positive attitude and is always willing to help. I highly recommend her.” Kendra Baker 
“Rachel is a very positive and motivating person. She gives of her time freely to help others.” Kerry Enos 
“Rachel is a wonderful person and is very fun to be around. She will be a great supporter to everyone that she works with. I have no doubt the she will be a fabulous personal coach!” Molly Cook 
“Rachel is very energetic and passionate about everything she does.She is particularly enthusiastic about helping people achieve their fitness and health goals! Get inspired!” Meagan Colvin 
“Rachel Ngom is great! Ands knows everything there is to know about working out!” Kelly Smith 
“Knowing Rachel for 8 years, she is committed to hard work and dedication. Her core beliefs testify that she has the utmost integrity in both her personal and business life. I would highly recommend partnering and trusting that Rachel will do her best at reach your personal wellness goals.” Ryan Oates 
“AWESOME support and great advice….” Tina Williamson 
“Rachel you are a wonderful friend full of positivity, great advice and a good person I look up to.” Rita Maina

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