It’’s Momentum Monday….which means I’m launching my Black Friday sales EARLY this year…and girl…they are CRAZY GOOD!! 

Have you seen The Food Freedom Project? It’s my 21-day self-paced program that helps you lose weight while ditching the diets. 

It’s perfect for the women who are feeling frustrated with constant dieting without seeing results and is ready for a permanent solution to losing weight while eating her fave foods.

Anna has lost THIRTY pounds since she started the program and says: 

“Guys. This is insane. I have never seen these kinds of results in such a short time. And all the while feeling satiated, keeping up my milk supply and fattening a baby! Keto has changed my life. I’m not ON A DIET, I just CHANGED my diet.”

Starting NOW thru November 28th at 5pm CST6pm EST we are releasing this BLACK FRIDAY MADNESS OFFER so that YOU can have the best health AND life possible in 2018!

I’ve decided to offer you two options to get started with The Food Freedom Project! 

Option 1: Start with The Food Freedom Project on your own and get the entire program 50% off the normal price! #heckyes

Option 2: Get The Food Freedom Project AND join us for group coaching in a private facebook group and get a custom nutrition recommendation from me! You’ll get support from me and the other ladies in the group, plus I’ll be going live each week of the program to answer any questions and teach you some more cool stuff to help you stick with it! Not only that, but I’ll provide a custom nutrition recommendation so you won’t have to guess how much you should be eating…I’ll break it down based on your body type so you know for SURE what you should be eating to lose weight.

Oh, and I’ve decided to make this offer CRAZY—it’s just $97 for everything!!!

  • My hourly rate: $197/hour
  • One on one nutrition consult: $47
  • The Food Freedom Project: $97

Basically, you’re saving $244 with this one…told you it was a sweet deal 😉

What’s included in The Food Freedom Project?

My top strategies that have helped me lose 80 pounds while still enjoying my fave treats, like wine, chocolate, and cheese. 

With The Food Freedom Project, we will show you how to:

  • Bust through plateaus to create the body (and life) you love 
  • Track your macros and eat foods like wine, cheese, and chocolate…while losing weight. No deprivation here =)
  • Get over the all or nothing diet mentalities. Diets don’t work-THIS does.
  • Eat healthy at restaurants and while traveling so it truly becomes a lifestyle!
  • Track your progress with our printable daily trackers in a way that empowers you and sets you up for success!
  • Track your calories using MyFitnessPal  
  • Make your workouts a priority (instead of the thing that constantly gets pushed aside)  
  • Eat high-fat low carb to balance your hormones and get rid of stubborn fat 
  • Get started with intermittent fasting to speed up your weight loss (plus a million other benefits that we will discuss!)  
  • Eat to reduce bloat and lower your chances of chronic diseases 

Want all the deets on the program? You can check them out here.

Here’s the deal though–I’ve decided to only offer the group coaching (option 2) for 10 ladies. 

Once the spots are full, I’m closing down registration. 

If you want to be coached by me, have a custom plan to lose weight AND group support….get your spot now!

Think about it…most people GAIN weight this time of year…I’m gonna help you lose it! #winning

What if you joined us, and your Christmas gift to yourself was a pair of pants a size smaller?? 

See you in the group and can’t wait to help you have more energy and feel amazing!


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