how-to lose post baby weightToday I want to share some tips on how to lose post baby weight.

I guess I can consider myself almost an expert on this topic, having lost 80 pounds myself after TJ was born, and now working with thousands of women to help them have weight loss after baby. So let’s talk about it!!

During pregnancy your body goes through a LOT of changes…you have a grow a teeny tiny person! 

The average weight gain (or recommended weight gain) during pregnancy is 25-35 pounds. 


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Some people (like me…*cough*) tend to be overachievers in this area and gain a little (or a lot) more than that recommended amount. I gained 65 pounds…oops! 

So what’s the fastest way to lose weight after pregnancy? How should you start? 
Most mamas are anxious  and want to know how to lose post baby weight fast. I want you to remember though, that it took 9 months to grow a baby inside your belly, and you need to give it at least 9 months to get back to normal. Don’t rush it, mama =) 
If you’re breastfeeding, you’re at a slight advantage, since your body will burn an extra 400ish calories a day to produce milk for your baby. I miss burning those extra calories, lol! 
As far as working out goes, your body just went through some serious trauma–you pushed something the size of a watermelon out of your ho ha–OR you got ripped open to get the baby out. Either way, your body has gone through a LOT. Don’t worry about your weight so much in the beginning. Eat healthy, take care of your little one, and try to rest as much as you can (ha!). 

It was about 1 week postpartum that I started walking around our neighborhood. It started off just short 15-20 minute walks, nothing too fast or strenuous. 

As I felt better, I increased the length and speed of my walking. You most likely won’t get the ok from your doc to start working out until you’re 6 weeks postpartum. If you’re like me, after about a month you’ll be itching to get back to it. I DID do more than walk before I met with my doctor–but I don’t really recommend that. I lifted super light weights in a very controlled environment–but like I said, check with your doctor before you start ANY kind of working out.
At your 6 week visit, you’ll probably get the all clear to get moving. This doesn’t mean you should go out and run a marathon–you’re still healing from pushing out that baby. Your workouts should gradually progress and get tougher. I went from walking, to walking on an incline, to the elliptical, to doing my at home workouts like Turbo Fire, P90X, Body Beast, and spin classes. At 6 weeks postpartum I did start doing some of these programs (mostly Brazil Butt Lift)–BUT I followed the low impact modifications. I didn’t do any jumping for at least another month.
During this time, you should be focusing on eating clean. I know you’re probably wondering how to diet after having a baby, but instead of dieting, focus on what you’re putting into your mouth. 
You don’t want to go crazy and cut your calories way low–especially if you’re breastfeeding–but I am saying you should be eating plenty of fruits and vegetables–if you need some healthy meal ideas you can pick up my Flat Belly Solutions eBook–it’s free =) 
You may hit a plateau after a few months, which is totally normal. At that point, you might have to ramp up your workouts a bit. Add some interval training and up your intensity. 
This is what has worked really well for me. Like I said, I lost 80 pounds after I had my baby boy. I lost 65 pounds (the weight I gained with him) in 5 months, and then another 15 pounds a few months later. 
how i lost 80 pounds 8 months postpartum
So to recap: 
1. Focus on eating clean. Eat WHOLE FOODS. You can get my grocery list here.
2. Don’t cut your calories TOO LOW. 
3. Start with walking, then at 6 weeks  postpartum (with your doc’s approval) you can start easing back into your workouts.
4. Continue to focus on your nutrition, and increase the intensity of your workouts the better you feel.


how to lose post baby weight


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