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Hey! I’m Rachel. I’m a former Big Ten volleyball player turned entrepreneur and profressional cheese taster (kidding–but that would be a sweet job). I lost 80 pounds after I had my son and now help other moms get their bodies back! Oh, and we live in France!

Obsessed with: adventure, champagne, chocolate, and yoga pants. 

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My Family <3

Love that I met a spontaneous guy who's up for adventure like me 😍 We met when I was living in Senegal and it was one of those crazy love at first sight things 😊  we met in February, were engaged in April, married in September 7...
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Why The French Don’t Get Fat

So I've been in France for about 7 months now...crazy how time flies! I've actually eaten more 'treats' than I have in a LONG time. If you follow me on Snapchat (rachelngom) you see me eating either cheese, quiche, chocolate, and wine pretty much daily lol!  And...
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How to Lose Weight While Eating Chocolate (and cheese. and pizza.)

I just cleaned everrrrything and it feels SO GOOD. Now I need to lock the door so my boys don’t ruin it LOL.   Anyways, I wanted to share a few examples of the food I eat each day, and also some of the not so healthy stuff I eat.   Healthy stuff that I...
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Is Stress Making You Fat?

“Even if you usually eat well and exercise, chronic high stress can prevent you from losing weight—or even add pounds,” says Pamela Peeke, MD, author of Body for Life for Women.    Let’s talk about stress. I’ve been feeling super anxious lately—like NOT...

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Will Doing This Bring Me Joy?

I was going to weigh myself the other day--then I stopped and asked myself: will doing this bring me joy? . The answer was NO--so I put the scale away. I don't know how much I weigh--but I DO know that I feel AMAZING! I have a ton of energy, I'm getting stronger, my...

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My Current Workout Playlist

Good music MAKES my workout—for real!    Whenever I’m not feeling motivated to get off my tush, I put on music and it always gets me in the mood!    I change up what I listen to often, but here’s a list of the songs I’m LOVING right now =)  ...

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At Home Workout Essentials for Busy Moms

Getting to a gym is nearly impossible for me! TJ is at school for just 3 hours (he’s in preschool in France), so if I wanted to workout at the gym, I’d have to drop him off and hustle to get there (closest gym is 25 min away). That really isn’t the best use of my...

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Our Day in Paris!

Such an AMAZING day in PARIS ☀️ My friend Natasha decided to come to Paris for a couple days and I jumped at the opportunity to see her to bring TJ to see Paris!! We had a BLAST!!  I did not have to check my bank account to see if we could afford it ...

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How Much Protein Do You Need?

Let’s talk PROTEIN. I get asked a ton about caloric intake, and how many calories a person should eat per day.  While calories matter, it’s important that you’re tracking your protein intake, since protein is essential for building muscle, supporting metabolism,...

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