Are you eating high fat low carb too? I’ve got some yummy and easy keto meal ideas to share with you!

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I’m asked all the time what are some easy keto diet meal ideas…so I wanted to share some of what I eat with you! 

I’m not a chef and I’m busy (I even wrote The Busy Mom Cookbook because I legit don’t spend a ton of time cooking).

These meals are all easy peasy to make and require minimum time. 

And for the keto purists–I’m not 100% keto. I’m keto-ish lol, so while tomatoes, corn, and fruit might be too high carb for those who are 100% keto, this is what works for ME and my lifestyle. 

A few notes about my easy keto meal ideas:

I eat a ton of eggs. They’re easy and cheap! 

The majority of my meals follow a simple template:

Crap ton of veggies, a source of protein, a source of healthy fat. 

That’s pretty much it! Hope this helps!

Applegate Farms chicken sausages and avocado

Tofu Shirataki noodles w/ ricotta cheese & broccoli

Bacon, chicken sausage, roasted tomatoes & fruit

Roasted squash, corn & chicken kabobs 

Steamed green beans and steak kabobs

Salmon salad loaded with veggies, olive oil & vinegar

Lobster cobb salad

Caprese salad

Bacon & cheese frittata 

Roasted chicken w/ cucumbers, bell peppers, & olive oil

Steak salad with gorgonzola cheese & olive oil

Tomatoes sautéed w/ basil, shrimp, olive oil & balsamic vinegar

Salad w/ tempeh, feta & olive oil

Eggs, bacon, & sausage

Salad w/ veggies, chicken, & olive oil

Applegate Farms chicken sausages with avocado

Salad w/ fried eggs, parmesan cheese, chicken, & olive oil

Zucchini & onions sautéed with eggs & cheese














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