I added a tablespoon of BUTTER to my coffee, ate 3 eggs with cheese cooked in another tablespoon of BUTTER, and had my daily superfood shake–with get this–heavy cream

Benefits I’ve noticed since eating high fat?

I don’t get hangry–I can go much longer between meals and it ain’t no big thing

My cellulite is disappearing

I’m on my period, but I have zero bloat, cramps, or cravings

You need to eat FAT to lose FAT!

Fat does NOT make you fat–SUGAR does!!!! Did you know that the average American eat 152 pounds of sugar and 146 pounds of flour that convert to sugar EVERY YEAR?

Low-fat diets tend to be heart-UNhealthy high sugar diets! Studies show that 75% of people who end up in the emergency room with a heart attack have NORMAL overall cholesterol levels–but what they DO have is pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. 


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Fat is super satiating–so you’ll eat enough to feel FULL, but it’s pretty hard to overeat.

A grass fed steak is WAY more filling than a baguette with butter. You can eat a decent amount of the steak and be done–but you could easily eat the whole baguette and still want more food! 

I know this is SO true for me! I remember polishing off an ENTIRE stack of pancakes from IHOP (often lol!)–topped with whipped cream and more syrup than pancakes lol. I was hungry soon after!!!! But if I eat 3 eggs cooked in butter with avocado–I’m full for HOURS!!!!

Eating fat makes you LEAN! Healthy cells made from high-quality fats are better able to metabolize insulin, keeping your blood sugar better regulated! 


Should YOU eat more fat? 


You need to eat more fat if your:


  • Skin is dry and flaky
  • Nails are brittle
  • Joints ache
  • Never satisfied after meals
  • At a plateau with your weight loss or have a hard time losing weight
  • Energy is low
  • Memory sucks
  • Have hormonal issues
  • Low HDL cholesterol



If you want some help getting started, download my Keto Meal Plan!

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Be sure to check out this video by the author of Keto Clarity, Jimmy Moore:

Some other books I recommend on eating High Fat: 

Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore

Keto-Adapted by Maria Emmerich

Head Strong by Dave Asprey


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