Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy is important (given your doctor’s blessing of course!)…but do you know why? Here are some of the benefits of exercise during pregnancy that should inspire you to get up and get moving!

 benefits of exercise during pregnancy

1. Fight pregnancy fatigue.  Even a little bit of exercise like a walk around the block can give you a boost of energy, especially during the first trimester when you are extra tired.

2. Reduce back pain.  Exercise can reduce the pain and pressure that can contribute to back pain…just getting up and doing some light stretches can help!

3. Improve digestion (fight constipation!) Exercise gets your bowels moving…if you are having a hard time getting regular (which can contribute to hemorrhoids during pregnancy!!) go for a brisk walk…that should help move things around =)

4. Protect against gestational diabetes.  Exercise may help prevent gestational diabetes…so if you are at risk talk to your doc about what exercise he/she recommends you do!

5. Have a healthy baby!  Babies born to moms who exercise are typically a healthier weight and can recover from the stresses of birth faster!

6. Faster recovery after baby is born! The more you exercise now, the faster you’ll be able to recover after delivery and the sooner you’ll be back in your pre pregnancy clothes!


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