“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.” Tony Robbins (3)I’m on my flight back from Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within (UPW) event…and WOW. I’m blown away. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve laughed until I cried, I’ve hugged more people than I think I ever have, and I’ve DREAMED bigger than I ever have before. 
UPW is a spiritual, emotional, and intense event, and honestly, it’s hard to put what we experienced into words, but I’m gonna try! 
UPW is TOTAL IMMERSION…most days start at 8:30 and we get done when we get done…day 1 was finished around midnight, day 2 same thing, day 3 was 12:45am. I think we got 2 or three 15 minute breaks—the entire time. Our time is seriously maximized and this is WAY more effective than doing a 2-week long thing or year long with a call a month or something–total immersion all the way =) 
tony robbins upw
Tony is a MACHINE….I never saw him take a sip of water the entire time he was speaking. His energy is INCREDIBLE…he is standing, walking, jumping the whole day…and he’s 56 years old!
“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.” Tony Robbins

Day 1 of Unleash the Power Within: 

We started off by talking about the three elements of practical psychology. What stops us from moving forward in our lives? What controls and determines our quality of our lives? Why do we do what we do? 
I’ll break each one of these down a bit. 
  1. What stops us from moving forward? The answer is FEAR.

The two primary fears that all human beings share are: 
  1. We aren’t enough
  2. We won’t be loved
  1. What controls and determines the quality of our lives? Meaning and emotion. 

          The meanings that we associate to things in our lives are shaped by our own world view and psychology. So an example of this might be that two people experience the exact same thing, but one associated that God is punishing me and I might as well die, and the other person is thinking God is challenging me, this is the greatest gift I’ve ever received. 
          All of the meanings that we have are driven by our patterns of emotions. You know that one person that you always want to be around because they’re happy? There are also people who no matter what happens seem to be stressed or sad. That’s their pattern of emotion.
  The three primary patterns of emotion is called The Triad.
     The SOURCE of all emotion comes from three forces: our physiology, focus, and language. If you can change how you breathe, your posture, how you move your body, as well as what you focus on and HOW you speak to yourself, you can break the pattern and shift your emotion. 
     We ALL have emotional homes, and Tony showed us how to break out of it if it’s a disempowering emotion. 
     Have you ever had something happened that bummed you out? Made you sad? for hours? Days? Tony showed us how to break out of it instantly—by jumping up and down, dancing, changing our posture, etc. 
     How freaking EMPOWERING is that? YOU are in control of how you feel each and every day, no matter what happens to you. YOU decide if you’re going to have an amazing day or a crappy one, and you can live in a BEAUTIFUL state every single day—if you choose to. 
     Tony also said that you have a decision to make: What are you going to focus on? Do you focus on what you can control or what you can’t? Do you think that life is happening TO you or FOR you? 
  1. WHY do we do what we do?

     The four primal and two spiritual needs that drive every single person: Certainty, uncertainty, significance, love/connection, growth, and contribution. 
Whichever need drives people more explains WHY people do what they do. 
If you’re overweight or addicted to smoking, you might get certainty from eating or smoking. If you’re a workaholic, your need might be significance, but when you are trying to meet your need of significance, you might lose out on your relationships.
This is all unconscious—and they drive everything that we do.
Tony took us through some exercises to help us figure out which needs we are valuing the most and helped us understand the consequences of valuing those needs over others (like growth and love/connection). 


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The final thing we covered on day one was our FEARS. What our greatest fear was, what benefit it’s given us, and WHY we need to break through from that fear. 
We then did the fire walk! YES I walked on 2000 degree coals—and no I didn’t get burned. Tony showed us how to be in a powerful state—how to change our physiology so we could do it. 
It was freaking AWESOME and I’m so happy I did it! The fire walk is a metaphor for your fear—so if you can walk on fire, there isn’t anything you can’t do =)
This particular fire walk was crazy publicized by the media—someone called 911 to say that hundreds of people were burning lol, which was definitely NOT the case. 7,000 of us successfully completed the fire walk! 
tony robbins upw

Day 2 of Unleash the Power Within: 

Day two was an introduction to Neuro-Associative Conditioning. We first learned the Ultimate Success Formula, which is: 
  1. Know your outcome—clarity is power! What do you want?!
  2. Know your reasons why—why is it a MUST? The why comes 1st, HOW comes 2nd
  3. Take MASSIVE consistent action—it’s short lived—but it’ll have a huge payoff
  4. Know what you’re getting
  5. Change your approach—it’s not a question of IF you hit your goals—keep changing your approach UNTIL you find something that works 
Then we talked about the Power of Beliefs. A Belief is a feeling of CERTAINTY about what something means. 
The three beliefs for lasting success are: 
  1. It MUST change now
  2. I must change it now
  3. I CAN change it now
It’s super important to remember that the PAST doesn’t equal the FUTURE….unless you live there. 

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We went over the 3 Steps to Lasting Change, known as neuro-associative conditioning. 
What would you like to change in your life? A feeling? Behavior? Overeating? Change is never a matter of ABILITY, it’s always a matter of MOTIVATION. 
  1. Get LEVERAGE—change needs to be a total MUST. You need to believe that failing to change now = massive immediate and unbearable levels of pain, and changing now = massive extraordinary levels of immediate pleasure. He gave an example of a man who loved to smoke, but his daughter was in tears over him smoking. That gave him massive leverage to make the change.
  2. Interrupt of ANNIHILATE the limiting pattern. Every time he would light up a cigarette she would cry—suddenly smoking wasn’t a relaxing experience—it now created pain. 
  3. Create a NEW empowering pattern and reinforce it until it’s a habit.
Then, we went over the Science of MOMENTUM. Most people fail to achieve their goals because they never take the very first step. They need to get the MOMENTUM. 
     Step 1: Put yourself in a peak state! Focus on what you want—stand up, jump up and down, scream and shout—whatever it takes to get you feeling 100% certain of what you want and that you can accomplish it. 
     Step 2: Find your passion! What do you love? What do you hate? What do you really want? What are you passionate about? What really DRIVES you in life? 
     Step 3: DECIDE, COMMIT, and RESOLVE
     Step 4: Take IMMEDIATE, intelligent, consistent, and MASSIVE ACTION! Get a proven model, get a plan, do something IMMEDIATELY before leaving the site of setting your goal. 
     Step 5: Be S.M.A.R.T. Strategy check it. Change it. Strengthen it. Measure it. Reinforce what works and take new action to continue the momentum. Take new action! 
Tony then took us through some exercises to figure out what we’re passionate about and what we REALLY want. We made two new decisions that we were committed to making and wrote down how they will powerfully improve our lives. 
tony robbins upw
We went through a visualization process of closing the gap—from where we were, to where we want to be. This was CRAZY powerful. Joseph (Tony’s right hand guy) led the whole thing and most of us were in tears!

Day 3 of Unleash the Power Within: 

On day 3, we went through the Pyramid of Mastery, the 7 areas of constant growth for an extraordinary life and we rated where we were for each area.
The seven areas are physical body, emotions and meaning, relationships, time, work/career/mission, finances, and celebrate and contribute. 
We figured out what we valued most, and what needs to happen to raise up the areas on the life we were slacking in. 
Then, Tony took us through a priming exercise, this is something he does first thing every single morning to set himself up for success, and something I commit to doing as well! 
Priming only takes 10 minutes, and it includes: 
     Breathing—in and out of your nose fast while pushing your arms overhead at the same time, 3 sets of 30
     3 minutes of gratitude—think of three things and devote a minute to each one
     3 minutes of prayer, imagine healing, problems being solved, pouring love into those we care about
     3 minutes of outcomes I want most—seeing and celebrating them as done!
If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, Tony actually takes you through this exercise in an audio clip.
Honestly, I tried this BEFORE attending UPW and thought it was stupid lol, but after going through it a few times at UPW, something clicked and I now think it’s SUPER powerful and will continue it now on. 

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Then, we went through The Dickens Process. This was a HOLY SH*T experience. 
Tony had us all close our eyes and he led a visualization experience. We visualized where we were in our lives right now, and then in the future if we didn’t make the changes we committed to. Who would we hurt? How would life change? There was a LOT of emotion involved….and it was intense. There were quite a few kids in attendance at the event, and during this part, Tony asked all the kids to go to another room (supervised, of course) so they didn’t freak out. 
He then had us visualize when we DID make the changes—how amazing life would be. As I’m typing this, I know that it probably sounds INSANE lol, but it’s just one of those things where you need to be there to understand the full intensity and emotion behind what happened. 
It left us feeling EMPOWERED…and we have a whole other level of BELIEF =) 
tony robbins upw

Day 4 of Unleash the Power Within: 

Day 4 was entirely dedicated to the 12 Master Principles of a Vital Life: The Power of Pure Energy. 
Yes, an ENTIRE day was dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle (woot!) because it is THAT important. You’ve gotta take care of your body if you want to go after your dreams =) 
Tony said that if we want to maximize our energy, vitality, and health, we must start by examining our current beliefs. 
We asked ourselves: What beliefs/convictions do I hold in the area of health? Do they serve me? What benefits will I have if I let go of these convictions and make new choices? 
We talked about energy—and learned that it comes down to our cells. 
tony robbins upw
The 3 things that cells need to survive are: 
  1. Oxygen—we learned how to breathe properly to maximize the oxygen in our bodies
  2. Water
  3. The ability to eliminate its own waste
“The cause of my pain is rarely the source”
Do you suffer from any of the following? 
Joint pain, low energy, can’t sleep, heart rate increase/decrease, kidney problems, vomit, perspire, diarrhea, phlegm, fever, cough, headaches, gas, acne, burping, cramps, rash, constipation
THIS is the response our body makes when we fill it with poison. When it’s overloaded with toxins. 
We then went over The Power of Pure Energy: The 8 Gifts
  1. Vital breathing—getting enough oxygen in the body
  2. Living water and live foods—drinking enough water and eating water-rich foods
  3. Essential oils—fatty acids like omega 3s
  4. Alkalinity—eating your GREENS and drinking lemon water
  5. Aerobic energy—working out at the fat burning zone for your age minimum 30 minutes/day
  6. Maximum nutrition—eating primarily to nourish the body, fight disease, and energize
  7. Structural alignment
  8. Directed mind and heart
Tony then went over The 7 Rules for Healthy Eating
  1. Drink water before and after your meals, not during for proper digestion
  2. Properly combine your foods (typically combining leafy greens with a fat, protein, or carb, eating fruits by themselves)
  3. Eat in a relaxed state
  4. Eat comfortable amounts of food 
  5. Eat organic
  6. Eat smaller meals more often
  7. Add supplements to your diet if needed (like omega 3s)
And The 4 Poisons (you might not like me after this lol!)
  1. Processed fats (eating pure olive oil instead of crisco—ew!)
  2. Animal flesh. He talked about the process that chickens go through—and holy cow I don’t ever want to eat it again—unless it’s kosher. Fish is ok—as long as it’s wild
  3. Dairy products. Sad day lol, but I know he’s right. 
  4. Acid addictions (coffee, alcohol, sugar, nicotine, white foods, vinegar
Finally, he went into the 10 Day Challenge—and challenged us to eat for maximum energy for 10 days following the event. I’m all in baby =) I actually did a post about the 10-day challenge here: http://www.fitwithrachel.com/tony-robbins-10-day-challenge
SO, now that I’ve explained everything…you have an idea…a very slight idea of what UPW is like.
The FEELING that you have when you’re there, and now that I have even after I’ve left, is honestly indescribable. I’m legit in tears as I write all of this. 
Tony Robbins surpassed ALL of my expectations, and I’m super excited that I’ve continued on with his Mastery University. I’ll be in Florida in December for Date with Destiny, and Fiji sometime next year for Life and Wealth Mastery. Total bucket list place…might as well check it off, and it’ll be a tax write off too 😉
God is GOOD. I’m so incredibly grateful for this experience. #lifewillneverbethesame
Get your booty to UPW—promise you won’t regret it!

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