We just got back from Amsterdam and we had a BLAST!!!
It was less than 5 hours to drive there from where we live in France, and Ed Sheeran was playing at the Ziggo Dome and I reeeeeeeally wanted go….so pourquoi pas?!
We visited Kuekenhof, the world famous tulip gardens. It was GORGEOUS and SO much fun. 



Then we found a little cheese place—and since I’m Miss Cheese de La France (as named by my hubby), and since Holland is known for it’s cheese, we had to go! 
The place is the only organic wine/cheese shop in all of The Netherlands, and the owner was awesome! He set up a little wine and cheese tasting just for us! One of my faves he made with cloves—it was the bomb! 
Then I went to the concert!!!!! I LOVE Ed Sheeran—his music is so good!!! I had a great time =) 
We loved Amsterdam! Hubby kept saying there was something special about the city, maybe that everyone is so friendly, people are so active and outdoorsy (so many bikes!!), but it was a great city and we def wanna go back! 
And if you ever get to see Ed Sheeran in concert—GO!!!!! You won’t regret it!

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