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Pregnant and Working Out

I’ve been posting about my workouts a lot on facebook and instagram and I’ve had a lot of pregnant ladies send me messages asking me for help with their workouts.  First off, I am no doctor.  Before you do anything that I say, you should talk to your doctor about working out and your pregnancy to make sure that they are on board. Every doctor is different, and every pregnancy is different. Make sure that you have the green light to exercise….and then you can read on =)

I am now almost 22 weeks pregnant and I’ve been encouraged by my doctor to maintain my activity level throughout my pregnancy (I was pretty active before I got pregnant).  Trust me, this has not been easy! The first trimester nausea, dizziness and fatigue kicked my butt, and I was lucky to get through half of my normal routine.  Tip 1: listen to your body.  Don’t go at the pace you went before you were pregnant if you don’t feel up to it.

Now that I have some of my energy back, I’ve been able to workout 3-5 days a week, for about 30 minutes a day. Tip 2: don’t overdo it. You don’t need an hour a day, 7 days a week. Just enough to get you blood pumping, your muscles working, and to give you some energy, cause mama, you need it! Growing a baby is a lot of work! Exercise should make you feel GOOD! If you’re working out to the point of exhaustion, you’re doing too much!

I’ve been doing a good mix of strength training and cardio.  I do all of my workouts at home, and my choices for my pregnancy have been turbo firebrazil butt lift and les mills pump.  I just like to mix it up =) I’ve gotten quite a few questions about turbo fire since it looks super intense from the informercial. I do it at my own pace! They have Allie demonstrate lower impact the entire time and I follow her! I don’t jump, but I still have some intensity so I get a good workout. I like doing Les Mills Pump now too since you can adjust the intensity simply by the amount of weight you put on your barbell. Pre pregnancy, I could do 50lbs squats…now I do 20lbs =) Tip 3: keep it lower impact and don’t push yourself too much. 

And another thing that doctors will tell you is to avoid any activity that involves laying on your back after you hit 20 weeks in your pregnancy.  This will not only be uncomfortable, but it can put pressure on important blood vessels.  So no crunches!

I hope these tips help!  Stay healthy mama!



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