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Hope your week is off to a great start! Today I want to teach you how to start your day happy!

I just finished listening to the book The Miracle Morning on Audible (LOVE audible btw!) The book was recommended because it is the morning routine experts recommend for peak productivity! 
The book was GREAT, and I have some solid ideas that I’m going to be implementing that I want to share with you so you can have a successful morning routine! I do some of these things already, but I think doing them with INTENTION every morning is going to be a great start to my  day =) 
What IS The Miracle Morning and WHY is it so important? The Miracle Morning is a way for you to start your day off RIGHT. Have you ever woken up to the alarm going off, stressed out that you’re running late to bring the kids to school, don’t have time for yourself, and just feel hectic? By doing The Miracle Morning, you’ll feel grounded and centered each day. You’ll have clarity about your goals and dreams, and have a roadmap to help you get there! Each day, you’ll feel accomplished because you did something that will move you forward to achieving your goals! 
I’ve actually studied the morning routines of successful people, and they follow something similar to The Miracle Morning. Oprah Winfrey, Darren Hardy, Tony Robbins, basically most successful people DO have a morning routine and a way to help them get their day started. 
The author talks about doing the 6 life savers each morning.
The 6 Life S.A.V.E.R.S. in a Successful Morning Routine are: 
1. Silence—meditate! Sit in silence and either pray or meditate. 
2. Affirmations—talk to yourself in a positive way
3. Visualization—visualize what you want your life to look like! Visualize yourself already accomplishing a goal! 
4. Exercise—nuff said! Get your heart rate up! 
5. Reading—a good personal development book that is going to help you GROW!
6. Scribing—journal whatever you’re learning, what you’re going through, etc. 
To break it down, he recommends doing each one for five minutes, and then exercise at least 20 minutes. BUT if you’re short on time, he said you could even do this in SIX minutes—we all can get up 6 minutes earlier, right?! 

What am I going to do? Every day for thirty days I will follow the routine above. I invite you to join me! 
Are you in? 

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