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Oh, the joys of pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong–I know that I am BLESSED to be pregnant, and that I have had a relatively uncomplicated pregnancy so far. This baby is a blessing for sure…I just wish that someone had prepared me for the unexpected parts of pregnancy that no one ever talks about….unless it’s to another pregnant woman =)

Now not ALL of these are mine…I asked some other pregnant friends about their experiences too. So…here are 30 things no one ever told you about pregnancy!

 30 things no one ever told you about pregnancy

1. Hemorrhoids. They suck. Go stock up on some Preparation H. It will be a life saver!

2. Things Growing on Your Body that will have to be taken off by a dermatologist. This never happened before…apparently super common during pregnancy!

3. Insatiable Hunger that will make you gain 17lbs in a month. Woah.

4. Cravings for Foods You Haven’t Eaten in Years. Like making your husband drive 45 minutes each way to get you a Cinnabon when you haven’t even had one since you were a little girl.

5. Belly Button Popping Out. It’s going to look and feel weird…get over it.

6. You’ll Get Fatter in Places Other Than Your Belly. Don’t you wish you could be that cute pregnant lady that’s nothing but belly? Yea me too.

7. Dizziness that will make you sit down in the middle of Lowes, the grocery store, any public place where you get overheated and dizzy since you have ZERO control over your body temperature anymore.

8. LIGHTENING CROTCH that will stop you dead in your tracks. Seriously, what WAS that? OUCH!

9. Baby Kicking You in the Ribs.  Yes, your baby is growing…and is finding new and strange places to kick you in. Embrace it because those kicks are only going to get harder.

10. Leaking Body Parts. Like your boobs…ridiculous amounts of discharge…and peeing your pants when you laugh, sneeze, cough, or move.

11. Emotional Roller Coasters. Your poor husband. One minute you’re happy as can be, the next minute you’re a blubbering mess. Chalk it up to those darn pregnancy hormones.

12. Acid Reflux that will BURN and make you feel like your esophogus is on FIRE! Tums will be your best friend…make sure not to leave the house without some!

13. Ridiculous Dreams that will make you think you’re going crazy…like last night I was getting chased by a camel. No joke.

14. PUPPS. You might get a monster rash on your entire body…and since you’re pregnant you can’t take anything strong enough to help. Sorry, that really sucks.

15. Gas. Like get out your gas mask bad. Oh, and you won’t be able to control it either.  Your poor husband gets the brunt of many of these, huh?

16. The urge to go to the bathroom NOW…any time you enter a store or restaurant familiarize yourself with the restrooms ASAP. And NEVER go on a long drive (or any drive for that matter…) without peeing right before you leave…and then any time you see a rest stop just stop and go! You don’t know when the next one is going to be and it could be a LONG time!

17. Feeling anxiety about every little thing. Is everything ok??  Is the baby kicking enough? Too much? Am I getting enough veggies? What do I need to add on my registry? Cloth diapers or disposable? Was that crib recalled? You get the picture.

18. Suppressed immune system that will result in the worst illness you’ve had in years…and again, since you’re pregnant you’ve just gotta suck it up and sleep it off.

19. Nosebleeds that will make you think you’re bleeding to death. Sometimes daily.

20. Never being able to sleep again. And you thought pregnancy would give you a chance to rest up before the baby came…between the peeing every 10 minutes, nightmares, leg cramps and back pain, good luck!

21. Excessive sweating/change in body temperature. I have to sleep with the fan on me now…while my husband has the space heater on his side…

22. Leg Cramps. You might wake up in the middle of the night screaming from pain. And then start looking for the nearest knife to cut off your leg. Apparently that’s totally normal too (not cutting off the leg…that I know of…)

23. Joint Pain. The hormone relaxin looses up all of your joints making some of them hurt!! Ever heard of carpal tunnel? Super common during pregnancy.

24. Sciatic Pain. Pain in the butt, literally, that will make it nearly impossible for some to walk. Find a good chiropractor!

25. Veins. On the boobs, butt, and tummy. They aren’t pretty.

26. Getting Winded Easily. Your lung capacity will SHRINK and you’ll barely be able to get a sentence out without wheezing towards the end.

27. Projectile Vomiting While Peeing Your Pants. This one may be my favorite…something to look forward to =)

28. Body Odor. I think it’s just cause you have a heightened sense of smell so you can smell yourself better…you may not like what you smell!

29. Flaky, Dry Skin. Especially on your scalp. Coconut oil works wonders!

30. Itchy Nipples. Self explanatory. Hmmmm I wonder if coconut oil works on those too!


Did you experience any of these? Can you add to this list?



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