I think the #1 issue people have when they start with 21 day fix is, I have NO CLUE how to create a meal plan with these containers. And I get it, especially if you’re just starting to eat healthy and you’re new to this. It’s hard to come up with meal ideas. So I want to give you a sample meal plan that you can use on 21 day fix! 

Oh, and if you do 21 Day Fix, you WILL get results. Follow the program–IT WORKS!

21 day fix meal plan

What I suggest doing when you get started with 21 Day Fix, is to sit down every Sunday night and create an excel spreadsheet with your meals for the upcoming week. Preparation is key to success! 

Since I am at the 1800 calorie bracket in 21 Day Fix, I can eat 3 yellow, 3 purple, 4 green, 4 red, 1 orange, 1 blue, and 4 tsp/day. 

And just to make sure you understand the containers, correctly, here is a nice graphic you can pin for later =)


21 day fix container guide


Here is the sample 21 Day Fix Meal Plan: 


21 Day Fix Meal Plan


By the way, here are my results with 21 Day Fix. I am featured in the #1 infomercial right now! 


21 day fix results


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