that you can start today!Hey mama! Are you hanging on to some baby weight? Having a hard time squeezing into those pre-pregnancy jeans? 
I hear you!! I gained 65 pounds during my pregnancy (oops!), but I lost it all in 5 months, so I want to share with YOU 5 easy weight loss tips for moms that you can start TODAY! 


Weight Loss Tips for Moms #1: Track your progress

One of my top tips for new moms to lose weight is to track your progress. I LOVE for easy tracking of your weight and daily calories. You don’t have to track your calories FOREVER, but after 5 days or so, you’ll see where you’re overdoing it and where you can cut back. 

Weight Loss Tips for Moms #2: Have healthy snacks READY

When you have a baby around, things can get pretty crazy and before you know it you haven’t eaten all day and you’re STARVING….and grabbing for the nearest calories source, usually fried/fast/unhealthy. Sound familiar? 
Have healthy snacks prepped and ready to rock. Fresh fruit, cut up veggies, nuts, hummus, avocados, hard boiled eggs, protein powder for smoothies are some great options! 

Weight Loss Tips for Moms #3: Schedule exercise in your calendar

I know, you’re BUSY. But you’ve GOT to make yourself a priority here. You’ll be a better mom, have more energy, and surprise—lose weight—if you make exercise a daily habit. 
Schedule out time on your calendar, let your family know that that is YOUR time. 
I wake up around 5am every day to get my workout in before my busy toddler wakes up. Otherwise my workouts are chaos lol. 

Weight Loss Tips for Moms #4: Watch your portions!

Yes, you CAN overeat healthy food!! This is my favorite program for portion control (it works, you can even see me in the infomercial here).
General portion guidelines: Make half of your plate veggies at each meal, 1/4 lean protein, 1/4 healthy carb. Roasted broccoli with salmon and sweet potatoes would be my favorite example =)

Weight Loss Tips for Moms #5: Get support!

Support is KEY!!!!!! This is usually the missing link! Most moms have a workout program and know what to do, they just can’t keep themselves motivated to actually DO it. That’s where I come in. If you want to apply for my next weight loss support group specifically for moms, apply here. 
I hope that these 5 easy weight loss tips for moms helped, and that you have some inspiration to get started on your own weight loss journey! 
5 Easy Weight Loss Tips for Moms That You Can Start Today!


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