I get asked ALL THE TIME about home workouts…and what the best ones are out there. 
That’s impossible to say—because everyone has different goals and preferences!! 
But I compiled a list of my favorites—based on how your fitness level and time you have to exercise. 
And if you want to try them ALL and have access to all of these programs (plus many more) for an entire year, I highly suggest you try Beachbody All Access!! This is what I personally use every single day for my workouts—and I LOVE it. These programs helped me lose 80 pounds and my clients have also gotten amazing results! Email me if you want details about All Access–it’s a limited offer and it’s AMAZING =)
If you’re a beginner:
P90 (30 min) mix of cardio, strength, yoga
21 Day Fix (30 min) (comes with portion controlled containers) mix of yoga, cardio, strength, pilates
ChaLEAN Extreme (30-40 min) strength training focused program with some cardio
Turbo Jam (20-45 min) cardio kickboxing!
Focus T25 (25 min—has modifier to advanced options) body weight cardio based
CIZE (30 min) (dance workout) 
Country Heat (30 min) (dance workout)
3 Week Yoga Retreat (exclusive to Beachbody on Demand)
PiYo (still challenging for more advanced though) yoga/pilates fusion workout
10 Minute Trainer (10 min) 
Hip Hop Abs (30 min) dance workout
Slim in 6 (30-45 min)
If you wanna focus on your BOOTY:
Brazil Butt Lift (30-60 min)
If you’re advanced:
P90X (60-90 min) focused on strength training but has cardio and yoga
P90X 2 (60 min) specifically for athletes who want to take their fitness to the next level
P90X 3 (30 min) same as P90X
Insanity (45-60 min) body weight cardio based. INSANE.
Insanity the Asylum (45-60 min) same as above with weights added
Turbo Fire (15-60 min) high impact cardio kickboxing
Core De Force (25-50 min) (has modifier for beginners) MMA/martial arts workout
Insanity Max 30 (has modifier) (30 min) body weight cardio
21 Day Fix Extreme (30 min) intense weight lifting program with nutrition plan to help you compete in fitness compeitions
The Master’s Hammer and Chisel (25-40 min) intense weight training
Body Beast (45 min) intense weight training
22 Minute Hardcore (22 min) (has modifier for beginners) body weight cardio
If you want to focus on your NUTRITION:
The Ultimate Reset (21 day whole foods detox)
The 3 Day Refresh (3 day cleanse)
I can actually hook you up with ANY of the programs (or ALL of them for an insane deal). Being a Coach is something I’m very passionate about—I was a customer FIRST and couldn’t stop talking about the products—so they are something I believe in 100% and I know will help you =) 
If you need help picking one out, email me! I’ve done them ALL and can help you pick one out =) My PERSONAL favorites are P90X, 21 Day Fix, and Turbo Fire =)

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