Hey hey! Are you looking for a fitness lover gift guide to pass on to someone as a *hint hint*? Or are you shopping for a fellow fitness lover?

As a fitness enthusiast, I wanted to share some of my fave fitness gift ideas! Here’s my full list…all the things I LOVE and think they’d make great gifts for the fitness lover!

More of a visual learner? Me too! Scroll down to the bottom for the video version with my faves =)

Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers: Home Fitness Equipment

I included the BEST blender ever on this list because it’s so good for making smoothies, superfood shakes, and even soup! I bought ours in 2010 and it’s STILL amazing. So yes, it’s an investment, but think of all the money I would’ve spent on cheap blenders since 2010! They used to break every year! Also, I included a stability ball instead of a stability ball chair because I honestly don’t love my stability ball chair. The ball that came with it is made for a 4-year-old (not my 6’1” self). I just bought the stability ball here and use it as my chair.

Oh, and the bike! TJ LOVES the bike! I ride him to school on it and we get stopped all the time asking where we got it…Amazon, baby! It’s so cool!

Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers: Headphones

My headphones = life! I’m using them right now! My faves are the Beats by Dre. Music always gives me more energy to both workout and stay focused on my work!

Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers: Clothing


Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers: Planning Essentials

I live for a good planner! Kidding, kind of! But I’ve gone through a TON of planners…here are the ones that I’ve actually stuck with.

Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers: Gadgets

Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers: Self-Care

Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers: Books

Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers: Subscriptions

Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers: Gift Cards

Holy moly! Ok, that was a LOT. It took me forever to put together lol! Do you have anything that you would add? What do YOU want from this list??














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