I’m going to run a free high fat low carb challenge on Facebook starting Monday, July 31st!
It’s gonna be a 5-day challenge with a meal plan, workouts, prizes, fun, and more! You’ll def get awesome results without starving–I mean bacon and butter are on the meal plan lol! Invite a friend and let’s do this!

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Here are some testimonials from the last time we did the challenge!

“I have learned so much in the group and I am still blown away that by eating more fat that it busted the plateau I had hit. It was to the point that I felt like I kept trying to lose the same five pounds for the past few months. Probably the first time that I haven’t felt like I was starving of depriving myself when trying to eat healthier. Thank you for all of your hard work with putting these groups together. You are a wonderful person who is trying to make a difference!’ 
“I want to thank you so much for this Rachel! I FEEL a million times better. I bought some jeans about a week before this challenge started, they were too tight, I couldn’t zip or button them. But they were on sale so I was like these are my motivation jeans! Well, yesterday while getting ready to go to my son’s field day I tried them on. They were loose and I had to wear a belt with them! I couldn’t believe it I called my fiancée crying LOL. This group taught me the food that is going to cause inflammation, how just a diet change can give me so much energy and how making a new lifestyle isn’t all that bad. I work out every morning and take my kids on multiple walks a day. My kids are so much happier now that I have the energy to do more. I feel better, so much better and I’m a better mom. These 5 days were life changing for me. Even though the challenge is over, I’m not going to stop I don’t want to ever go back to how I was. You are a blessing to me!!”
“Thanks so much for this awesome challenge and for keeping me accountable!!!! I am so impressed with the results! I feel more energetic, happier and healthier. I am definitely going to incorporate the changes I made during this challenge into my everyday life!! It was absolutely what I needed to kickstart my lifestyle change. Thank you for giving me lasting tools to keep this up! I’ve been struggling with getting rid of my baby weight for a year now and I am now only 8lbs away from my pre-baby weight!!! “
“Thanks to your support I have lost 3 lbs in the last 5 days, and 6 lbs total in 2 1/2 weeks. The best part is, I’m motivated to keep it up. At the beginning of the month, I weighed 191lbs and I felt miserable. So I started to cut back on processed junk and skip the rice and pasta. Then your challenge started a week or so later, and with your encouragement, I was able to take the plunge and cut the carbs. I had tried Keto before and it worked for me then too, but I found it difficult to keep up because I didn’t have a good understanding of how to eat. You made this so easy for me, with lots of options. I enjoy my walks, I laugh more, my husband is encouraging and I have more energy. I sleep better, wake earlier and drink more water than I ever thought I could. And you’re so right about staying off the scale! It fluctuates like crazy in a day. You even got me out of my comfort zone, by asking us to post positive messages on FB. I NEVER post anything. So thank you so very much, Rachel. You are a blessing. Before I forget, here are my final measurements: 39 bust, 33 waist and 45 hips.”
“Since starting keto two weeks ago (with Rachel in her paid group), I have seen some amazing changes in myself. I used to be a slave to my hunger and cravings. I always was eating, snacking and never seemed to be satisfied. Since going keto I can go all day on just my 3 meals. I don’t eat mindlessly in the evening (which was always my biggest downfall) and am making conscious choices about what I put in my body. I’ve lost weight (9lbs), inches (4.5 on my hips!!) and gained so much energy and confidence! I really am so thrilled to have found my new lifestyle. I’m so grateful to Rachel!!”
So in the past 5 days I have lost 10 lbs and 9 total inches throughout my body! I can’t believe it came down to that many inches BUT im very excited to have done so well in 1 week! The last two days have been hard with loosing my uncle but I had stayed motivated through exercise and staying on track with eating! I can’t wait to see where these changes can take me! Big thanks to Rachel and everyone in this group for kind words and help throughout!
“I feel so good and I love the energy I have to workout !! I used to hate burpees but now we’re friends!! I cook a lot more now and I love BPC! I feel lighter and my plantar fasciitis seems to be getting relief.. idk if that is true but I woke up this morning and I could walk!! 😱 Thank you so much Rachel this new lifestyle is a game changer for me!!”
Thank you Rachel!!!! And thanks to all you wonderful people in this group for the support over the last five days!!! I jumped on the scale and I’m down 7.8lbs!!!! I haven’t done my measurements yet, but check this out….. I can actually see the difference, not to mention feel the difference too! I am totally going to incorporate these changes in nutrition into my lifestyle!!! Wahoooooo!! Way to go everyone! Happy Saturday!!! 💕🎉💕
“Just wanted to say a big thank you to Rachel for bringing this group together. You girl rock as a coach simplifying this! Not only as a transition from physical experience but also changing our perspectives about ourselves inwardly and outwardly. I started this journey April 21st and a month later I’ve dropped from 167.3 to 161.8. I feel stronger, healthier, more energetic and motivated!! 36 is going to look good.”
So excited today! Jumped on the scale this morning, down 8 lbs! Choices! It’s all about choices! And of course a great group of ladies to cheer you on! Thank you Rachel Henderson Ngom!
You are best at connecting with people in a way that makes us feel like we really know you. You are right there with us in the challenge and yet you use your knowledge and experience in a good way–in a way that makes you credible but not sound superior. I like your posts. It seems to be just the right amount. I think you are gifted in reaching out to others and motivating them and drawing them in so they all feel included.
Rachel is the best! This is the first time I’ve actually lost weight during a program and enjoyed it. I can’t say enough good things about her. 4.5 lbs in my first 5-day challenge is a great start for me.
I love Rachel as my coach. I’ve tried Beachbody before with a different coach, and having the right coach makes ALL the difference. She has amazing content and her energy is contagious, you can see it spread through the groups she hosts. She keeps me motivated daily to eat right and workout. The one on one is amazing and has really helped me work towards my goals.
You really do cheer us on and encourage us to keep going. I really enjoyed how you posted frequently throughout the day, which is difficult with a kiddo (I have a 5 yr old boy). The ongoing advice was great. You built on what you’d previously talked about so that it wasn’t info overload. The best work is that you are faithfully doing God’s work. You are a positive, patient and caring person. A++
Rachel is an excellent coach! Not only does she consistently provide the support you need, she is always motivating you. She taught me how to celebrate all of the small victories along the way to my goal. In 5 days I lost 3 lbs and 4 inches. But I gained a tremendous amount of tools, skills, recipes, advice and friends. The private group she created and the nightly check-ins she required of us, has been crucial to my progress. Without it, I would have fallen off track, like so many previous attempts on my own. Rachel was the push that I needed to put in some work, and the permission that it is okay to take care of me.

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