Getting to a gym is nearly impossible for me! TJ is at school for just 3 hours (he’s in preschool in France), so if I wanted to workout at the gym, I’d have to drop him off and hustle to get there (closest gym is 25 min away). That really isn’t the best use of my time—PLUS the gym costs $69/month!! 
I’m super grateful for the amazing home workouts that I use—and wanted to share my fave home workout equipment essentials for busy moms! 
Yoga Mat. I use this every day! We have a super hard floor so it’s necessary! Get one for your workout buddy too lol!
Jump mat. Since our floor is so hard I use both a yoga mat and jump mat. If you have carpet then you’re fine with just a yoga mat =) 
Resistance bands. I use heavy and light resistance bands. 
You can get by with JUST THAT. 
If you want a few more extras (not necessities, but are nice to have), I’d suggest: 
Booty bands. You can use these to target your booty from every angle! 
Ankle weights. Same reason as the booty bands =)
Foam roller. These are SO GOOD for relieving tight muscles. All you do is place your weight on the area you want to release and roll over it. Easy peasy! It helps get deep underneath the muscle, more so than just stretching can and is a great preventative for injuries! This might HURT at first—but it’s just a sign that your muscles are tight and you NEED it. Soon the muscles will loosen up and it’ll feel better =) 
Heavy and light weights. I don’t have these at home (I just use resistance bands) but having weights is nice if you have the space! If you’re just starting out, light weights might be 3-5 pounds and heavy might be 12-15 pounds. If you’re more advanced, light weights might be 5-8 pounds and heavy 20-25 pounds. 
If you can afford them, the Select Tec dumbbells are awesome! We had them at our house in Florida and I loved them! 
Stability ball. You can do SO much on these! 
When I did PiYo, I realized how AMAZING of a workout I could get using just a yoga mat and my body weight! PiYo is one of my fave programs EVER!! Low-impact, fun, and leans you out like no other!! 
So to sum up, the bare minimum: yoga mat and resistance bands. 
Extra fun stuff: booty bands, ankle weights, foam roller, heavy and light weights, Select Tec dumbbells, stability ball. 
And if you’re like, “that’s great, Rachel, but what do I DO with all that stuff when I get it?!” 
Let’s chat lol! I can help you find a great program that you’ll love! Just email me =)
And be sure to check out the workout videos I post on Facebook!
Where do you prefer to workout? Home or gym?

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